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Silent Whispers

Educational, Experiential and Therapeutic programmes at
Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary
Working therapeutically with horses provides a real insight into self. Therefore, by definition, it increases self awareness.
Horses, being prey animals in nature, are extremely sensitive. They can pick up the tiny subtleties of our behaviour and our feelings and mirror this back to us. Other humans would not be so perceptive as to pick up these things and so, by working with horses, we are able to cut out lots of 'talk' time and get straight to the root of resolving our internal conflicts, setting ourselves goals which we really want to achieve and gaining the self belief to go out there and do it.

When you come along to meet the horses you may well be sceptical, this is still quite new in the UK and our inherent reservedness leans towards thinking this may be the new 'crank' therapy. You are very welcome to try this out with a money back guarantee if you don't feel that you have benefitted. There's no catch, we are as genuine and authentic as the feedback you'll receive from the horses.

The horses are all residents of Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary which is a UK registered charity. They are all very professional at being horses. They don't judge you and will give the same level of feedback to you regardless of your social standing, your employment status, how much money you've got, what car you drive or how big your house is. They don't care about those things. Horses live in the here and now so all they care about is how you are within yourself right here and right now - very powerful to experience.

The people are all professionally trained and qualified counsellors, coaches, tutors and horse professionals. The issues you would like to work through will dictate which of our professional people will team up with the horses to support your learning and therapeutic experience.